Attended Courses

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artificial intelligence applied to dental medicine 21/12/21

a review of the hall technique: a minimally invasive option for treating carious primary molars 21/12/21

advancing endodontics : investing in technology and realizing value  for our referring doctors and their patients 20/12/21

systemic health and implant failure 20/12/21

the oral cavity and inflammatory bowel disease 20/12/21

an update on diabetes mellitus and oral disease part 2: tooth loss and implant complications 20/12/21

update on diabetes mellitus and oral diseases part 1: background, periodontal disease, endodontic complications 20/12/21

are universal one shade composites truly universal? 18/12/21

occupational hearing loss in dentistry 18/12/21

clear aligner treatment for teen patients 18/12/21

rethinking lasers around titanium 18/12/21

update on vaccinations for dental healthcare personnel 17/12/21

isolation techniques for direct and indirect restorations 17/12/21

an update on vaping 17/12/21

beyond mandibular advancement 17/12/21

Restorative Dentistry in Times of Digitalization 17/9/21

Integrating New Restorative Materials and Technology – You’ll Be Glad You Did! 14/9/21

journalføring på det tandfaglige område 14/9/21

Full Arches, Full Digital: Can Technology do this Today? 8/9/21

Advanced Local Anesthetic Techniques for the Dental Professional 25/8/21

”Hvorfor skal jeg bruge LinkedIn, og hvordan kommer jeg i gang?” 2/6/21

why digital – why now? get to know the new itero elements plus series 21/4/21

cementazione adesiva (3M) 9/3/21

essenza adult 17/12/2020

Do you feel like a scaling machine? 16/12/2020

Is your patient a flosser or a brushed? (Bob module 2) 08/12/2020

Understanding the key elements of a treatment plan presentation 02/12/2020

Embrasure or Interproximal region? (Bob module 1) 01/12/20

A mechanism to explain how periodontitis can affect pregnancy outcomes, 30/11/20

Vaccines, COVID-19 and vaccine hesitancy (anti-vaxxers), 30/11/20

Dentistry and Sustainability, 30/11/20

Water fluoridation and cognitive function: a closer look at the evidence, 29/11/20

Whole mouth health award winning student case study, 29/11/20

Pre-procedural rinsing to reduce aerolised microbial loads, 29/11/20

Sugar consumption, oral and general health, and taxation of sugar-sweetened beverages, 29/11/20

Caries risk Assessment and personalized interventions, 29/11/20

Endodontic Medicine, 29/11/20

Digital dentistry insights – what you should be doing in 2021, 26/11/20

The changing role of the dental laboratory in the digital environment., 25/11/20

Fremtidens klinik, der matcher patientens behov, 20/10/20

Fokus på den samlede patientoplevelse, 08/10/20

RHTF-generalforsamlingen, 6/10/20

Computer-assisteret kirurgi og Smile Design, 5/09/20

Kirurgisk endodonti som alternativ til implantatbehandling. Hvordan skal jeg
gøre for at få en god prognose?, 5/09/20

Sektionsmøde for ITI Sektion Danmark, 5/09/20

Ætsbro som alternativ til implantatbehandling. Hvordan skal jeg gøre
for at få en god prognose?, 5/09/20

Komplikationer ved implantatbehandlinger. Hvilke typer ses oftest og hvordan
kan de håndteres fagligt og i forhold til erstatning?, 5/09/20

SC Tt Optimization Online, 27/8/20

Multidisciplinary: Ortho Perio, Ortho Restorative, 27/5/20

Implantatbehandling af den posteriore del af overkæben, 25/2/2020

Implantatbehandling af den posteriore del af overkæben, 4/2/2020

Din rolle i utvikling og behandling av peri implantitt, 6/12/19

oral health and alzheimers disease part 2: provision of dental care to patients with dementia/alzheimer’s disease, 2019, december

toothwhitening: an overview, 2019, december

an introduction to intra-oral photography, 2019, october

oral health and alzheimers disease part 1: oral infection and alzheimer’s disease, 2019, october

the effects of water fluoridation on cognitive function: the story continues, 2019, october

Regionsgeneralforsamling, 2/10/19

Medlemsmøde (TandlægeForeningen), 16/9/20

ITI 6. danske kongres, 6/9/19

implantatbehandling i den atrofiske kæbe (study club),jun 12, 2019

Selvtest (Tandlægebladet), 24/6/19

implant placement and loading protocols: what is predictable? 23/5/19

latest findings on hpv infection and the risk of oropharyngeal and oral squamous cell cancer, 2019, may

anxiety and endodontic treatment, 2019, may

a new classification scheme for periodontal and peri-implant diseases and disorders, 2019, may

premedication to enhance the efficacy of dental anesthesia, 2019, may

management of post-treatment dental pain, 2019, may

conservative management of temporomandibular joint dysfunction, 2019, may

All about Easy and Fast Posterior Restorations, 4/4/19

Facebook-gruppen ”Tandlæger”, 4/4/19

Ny klassifikation af parodontale sygdomme, 4/4/19

Gør du brug af din tandplejers, 4/4/19

Selvtest (Tandlægebladet), 28/12/18

osteoporosis and dental implant outcomes, 2018, december

clinical practice how common is halitosis?, 2018, december

technology regenerative endodontics, 2018, december

diagnosis and minimally invasive management of erosive tooth wear, 2018, december

tooth avulsion, 2018, october

Selvtest (Tandlægebladet), 12/10/18

Selvtest (Tandlægebladet), 12/10/18

the dangers of sugar-sweetened beverages: dental professionals must respond, 2018, october

smokeless tobacco, 2018, october

dental ethics – practical perspectives of professionalism, 2018, october

creating work-life balance for the dental professional,2018, october

cancer – an inter-professional approach to care, 2018, october

Selvtest (Tandlægebladet), 02/05/18

Selvtest (Tandlægebladet), 02/05/18

Dental anatomy and composite stratification (Anatomia dentale e stratificazione dei compositi) 6-7/4/18

RHTF-Medlemsmøde, 4/4/18

Selvtest (Tandlægebladet), 14/03/18

Den Digitala Framtiden, 2-3/2/18

Medlemsmøde 2018, 31/1/18

management of implant complications in the esthetic zone: classification & surgical solutions, 2018, january

Virksomhedsansvarlig tandlæge, 16/1/18

ergonomics for the dental professional: backing your investment, 2018, january

Selvtest, (Tandlægebladet) (2/1/18)

toothwhitening and shade selection, 2017, december

orthodontic treatment and dental caries: their clinical connection and its management, 2017, december

Selvtest (Tandlægebladet), 26/11/17

Selvtest (Tandlægebladet), 03/11/17

Selvtest (Tandlægebladet), 03/11/17

soft tissue is (still) the issue! peri –implant tissues in health and disease!, 2016, october

oral health solutions utilizing clear aligner therapy, 2016, july

caries management for the orthodontic patient, 2016, july

Selvtest (Tandlægebladet), 01/06/17

Invisalign training course 2, 29/6/17

Invisalign training course 1, 20/4/17

Implant Dentistry, weekly course 2016

Antimicrobial resistance – theory and methods, weekly course 2016

Tandlægeoverenkomsten 2015, 20/10/15

Oral malodor: a review of key principles, 29/3/15

Achieving gingival – periodontal health in clinical practice, 28/3/15

New Technology Trends in Dental Practice, 21/11/14

the do’s and donts of porcelain laminate veneers, 2014, november

Fluorides and non-Fluoride Interventions for Caries Control-An Overview, 21/11/14

Implantoprosthesis: protocols and new technologies for excellence routine, 12/10/13

Master of Endodontics II level, annual course 2012/2013

Evidence-based implant dentistry, annual course 2011/2012

Selvtest (Tandlægebladet), 28-12-2016, 11-11-2016, 10-11-2016, 10-09-2016, 10-09-2016, 02-07-2016, 02-07-2016, 07-04-2016, 07-04-2016,07-04-2016

New techniques in cleaning and shaping the root canal system, 26/05/12

Realization of overdenture bar – NobelProcera, 05/05/12

Endowave and MGP Course, 14/04/12

16th National Congress SIDOC (Italian Society of Conservative Dentistry), 01-02/06/12

The use of composite materials in the reconstruction of the endodontically treated tooth, 18/02/11

Theoretical and practical course AINOS: conscious sedation with nitrous oxide, 18/02/11

Theoretical and practical course: flaps and sutures, 17/02/11

15th National Congress SIDOC (Italian Society of Conservative Dentistry), 17-18/02/11

Computer assisted implant surgery: surgical technique or a new approach to surgery?, 07-08/05/10

Excellence in implantology: New Horizons, 09-10/04/10

SOIDS management of osteonecrosis caused by Bisphosphonates, 06/04/10

Flaps and sutures in Dentistry, 27/03/10

Home Dentistry, 05/02/10

Periodontology and dental implants, 05/12/09

The dizziness in the elderly, 20/10/09

Clinical analysis and IT: posture and TMJ, 07/10/09

Endodontics, 11/09/09

Orthodontics Materials and dental management, 18/06/09 25/06/09

Cosmetic adhesive dentistry, 15/06/09

Aesthetic adhesive restorations, 20/05/09

Theoretical and practical training: Dental Implants, 16/05/09

Implant-prosthetic rehabilitation problems, 23/04/09

National Congress of Dentistry and Maxillo-Facial profess., 22-23-24/04/09

Clinical Cephalometry, 28/03/09 – 04/04/09

Introduction to implant therapy, 21/03/09

The use of piezoelectric devices, 25/02/09

Home Dentistry, 23/02/09

13th National Congress SIDOC (Italian Society of Conservative Dentistry), 19-20-21/02/09

Minimum Intervention, 17/01/09

The piezosurgery preparation of the implant site, 20/06/08
Dental Care Day, 31/05/08

Dentistry in the world: Training and research, 16-17-18-19/04/08

Dentistry: from Art to Science, 18-19-20-21/04/07

Endodontics, 19/10/06

HIV Virus, 20/05/05

Physical principles of imaging, 11/01/05

Physical principles of radiotherapy, 18/11/04

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