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The other day one of my colleague asked me if I perform ICON treatments, since a patient could not find any dentist doing it. ICON is a product which is in use for many years but still unpopular even among dentists for some obscure reasons Icon represents an entirely different and revolutionary approach to treatment…

Mouth guards, what to know

I do often see patients complaining about their jaws. They mostly have pain in their jaws or muscles or headache. In many cases a mouthguard, also called bite, is a good solution. Other cases where it might be needed is if you are clenching or grinding down your teeth in order to protect them. Moreover…


Chlorhexidine is a very useful drug. It is often used in dentistry as a mouthwash in any case where we want to reduce the bacterial load in the mouth. It is therefore very useful in case of gum diseases (Gingivitis,parodontitis, pericoronitis), so anything that goes from a bleeding gum to a wisdomtooth who is not…

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