I just bleached my teeth, now what?

Recently I performed a bleaching to a patient, and I gave the classical/normal instructions, but I realised that what is clear to me, might not be that clear to a patient, so let’s say you just chair-bleached your teeth or are/were home bleaching your teeth, what should you do now? First, sensitivity is normal, especiallyContinue reading “I just bleached my teeth, now what?”

Do I need a stronger painkiller?

Short answer: probably no. After a dental treatment, only over-the-counter painkillers are recommended in case of pain. The most commons are Ibuprofen and acetaminophen and if necessary a combination of the two can be considered. After an extraction or a root canal therapy, pain lasts normally a couple of days but can continue for longerContinue reading “Do I need a stronger painkiller?”